Work style restructuring Consulting

We will help you change your company's work style

Due to the spread of the Internet and the development of ITC technology, alternative work styles have become possible. On the other hand, the declining birthrate and aging population is progressing in Japan, and many companies have difficulty securing workers.

In 2014, the representative of the company chaired in Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association to establish "Ubiquitous Work Style (Working Way) Change Practice Guidelines", and in 2017, at the Japan Telework Association, "The Third Work Place to Contribute Work Style Change" as a research vice chairperson.

It is also important to consider how to utilize individual ICT technologies, but from the viewpoint of corporate and organizational management, it is important to formulate a large framework with roadmap.  And now is time to reform the company systematically. In particular, there is a big movement in the field of share business, new cloud based services are steadily appearing, replacing the conventional in-house IT, the possibility of outsourcing by crowdsourcing expands and the office The common sense that it is natural to work in is also fluctuating by third work place service providers.

For example, through a dialogue event such as an exchange meeting on a third workplace, we provide information exchange places for service providers and business people who challenge work style change, and we also provide consulting services on request.


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