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第三回「サードワークプレースに関する意見交換会」を開催します 2017年12月7日(木)18:45~20:30 於 シービーアールイー株式会社 東京本社 参加費2,000円
第二回「サードワークプレースに関する意見交換会」を開催しました 2017年9月21日(木)18:45~20:30 於 コワーキングスペース茅場町 Co-Edo 参加費2,000円
「サードワークプレースに関する意見交換会」を開催しました 2017年8月3日(木)18:45~20:30 於 コワーキングスペース茅場町 Co-Edo 参加費2,000円


findgreatplace.com Service platform for Coworking space and Serviced office It provides value for space users, space providers, enterprises which support its employees who use spaces, promoters for space usage. (Under development, preparing beta release)
Work style restructuring Consulting Transformational service on enterprise work style, based on more than 30 years experience on IT business and on management for SI company. Strategic planning for promoting paperless remote work, followed by project planning and management.
Serviced office business consulting Professional services for Coworking spaces, Serviced offices service providers. It helps foreign service providers which aiming to start business in Japan, and establish international business alliance of space providers. Promoting your space for both enterprise workers and coworkers.
Drupal based Web site development Professional service for Drupal based website mainly for enterprise or serviced office providers. Best for multi-lingual personalized site creation.
Business alliance Introducing products or services in the business area of Serviced offices and workstyle transformation. Not limited to domestic. Establish agent contract if neccesary.